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Taierzhuang city, a World Heritage - the center of the Grand Canal, the Chinas most beautiful rivers and lakes, Fitch, a national 5A-class tourist attractions, is located in ZAOZHUANG Shandong Province and Rusu, Henan and Anhui provinces a
Taierzhuang city

    Taierzhuang city, a World Heritage - the center of the Grand Canal, the "China's most beautiful rivers and lakes," Fitch, a national 5A-class tourist attractions, is located in ZAOZHUANG Shandong Province and Rusu, Henan and Anhui provinces at the junction zone.

    Symbolic, historical monument, is carrying both a national spirit body Taierzhuang city canal culture, still retains a lot of relics, was hailed as "alive ancient canal", "the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal remaining heritage village" World Tourism Organization . Repair Taierzhuang city, is the dream of generations of Taierzhuang people.

    Ancient river, the ancient wharf, one can Vessels swaying, traveled the ancient Chinese city of Watertown, World War II Memorial City, mainland China's first cross-strait exchanges base.

    After repairs Taierzhuang city, and Warsaw belong to the world's only two fire destroyed due to World War II and rebuilt as a world heritage city.

    Jiangbei Water · canal city, has now become the new Zaozhuang city card.

taierzhuang city

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taierzhuang city

Taierzhuang Structure

    Taierzhuang city covers an area of two square kilometers, 11 functional areas, 8 and 29 major scenic spots. Eight architectural style blends, dozens of temples sink in one city, north and south blend of Chinese and Western, is a living fossil Canal Culture; have the last three kilometers of the Grand Canal last remaining ancient canal, known as the World Tourism Organization "alive Ancient Canal "; the city has 18 Wang Tong and 15 km of Water Street Roadway, can Vessels swaying, traveled throughout the city, is truly ancient Chinese Watertown. Meanwhile here is the State Council Taiwan Affairs approved the country's first cross-strait exchanges base, is an important platform for cross-strait exchanges.

Taierzhuang Geography

    Shandong Zaozhuang southernmost city is a veritable "Jiangbei Water", Zaozhuang average annual rainfall of about 1000 mm, most of the year were 1000 mm annual rainfall over the territory of 27 rivers, 157 lakes, the water network aspect. Within the canal navigable mileage 93.5 km, is the most northern tip of Grand Canal navigable. Zaozhuang has a national and even world-class tourism resources, but its most essential part of the most profound resources canal culture.

Taierzhuang Culture

    Taierzhuang ancient city saved 53 war relics. After the reconstruction Taierzhuang city and Warsaw became the world's only two fire destroyed due to World War II and rebuilt as a world heritage city.

    Taierzhuang city scenic spot in the cultural show, around the culture wars, the canal culture and Lunan regional culture, planning and construction of strokes Asahara museum, wine culture exhibition hall, exhibition hall canal memorials, museums and other blue-kei written word has the domestic first-class level, and gradually The entire old city to build a book "Encyclopedia"; in business conditions, mainly in the domestic high-end brands of bars, restaurants, pubs and canals and along the main display Shandong intangible cultural heritage; on the scenic operations management, called out "the first village" famous brand, build quality tourism quality, in accordance with national AAAAA level scenic standards for operational management.

    Taierzhuang city is a set of "canal culture" and "cultural war" as a city, financial "Qilu Hao Love" and "southern charm" as a domain, very humanistic attractive tourist destination, will be transported along the unique, world-renowned The tourist resort recreation area, a world cultural heritage jewel, a treasure.

Taierzhuang History

    Taierzhuang history is a business travel are extracted, residents Rao to canal city, which is formed in the Han, developed in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties flourished in, according to "Yicheng County," reads: "Taiwan (children) village across the canal drainage, when the north and south channels, business travel are extracted, residents Rao to large towns, the armor in a city, is the country towards the Emperor (Emperor Qianlong) gave to the world the first village '', showing a "merchant meandering, a river fishing boat, singing ten, Night does not strike "prosperity.

Taierzhuang city

    Ming Dynasty, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Xuzhou Section of Yellow River several times due to blockage of the north-south traffic disruption. So, had to spend a national "openlucky,"
Weishan Lake from the southeast section Hanzhuang exports via Taierzhuang south straight Pizhou. Because there Jia River add water, this canal because the name Jia Canal (commonly known as Hanzhuang canal). Jia Canal this segment compared to Xuzhou, only water flow to avoid the "Yellow wins Win" victims, but also shorten the journey and seventy. Thus, this canal has become clear during the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Shandong section of the main channel (Today, too). Thus, making the city the canal taierzhuang become Bangshui and the building, because the river Xing "drought dock."

    To the Qing dynasty, Taierzhuang has become a bustling town, when the urban population up to a maximum of 60,000 people. As an important commodity distribution center, water transport through the canal each year, Taierzhuang gathered a large number of Merchants, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian business, Guangdong providers, radiation Sulu Yu-wan region is a major commercial port city. Now remain within the city's ancient canal up to three kilometers of river and streets, docks and other ruins of the Ming and Qing period of prosperity, has been hailed as the Chinese and foreign experts, "the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal remaining heritage village." Taierzhuang has basically retained the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties veins, ancient river, the ancient wharf, mostly low-lying buildings.

    Taierzhuang war occurred in the spring of 1938, so that the ancient city ruins. After World War II Taierzhuang victory, the national government in the "Central Daily News" announced plans to rebuild Taierzhuang city, but due to various reasons, eventually became elusive. After the founding of new China, Taierzhuang city area has been Taierzhuang regime Lan Ling County and the seat of the old neighborhoods of the old city remains a natural simplicity of the old backwardness and development reconstruction Taierzhuang city, became Taierzhuang dream of several generations. April 8, 2008, to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the victory in World War II taierzhuang activities, Zaozhuang City, announced, launched Taierzhuang city reconstruction.

    May 1, 2010 officially Kaesong, May 4 KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan of Taiwan to building the foundation for the revival of Taierzhuang city.

    May 12, 2011, Mr. Wu Boxiong Taiwan KMT Honorary Chairman Taierzhuang city to participate in the Opening ceremony, he said, to be able to participate in the Opening ceremony Taierzhuang city, I am deeply honored, and unforgettable. I have been to many places of interest in the world, but only came to feel th