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Taierzhuang city, a World Heritage - the center of the Grand Canal, the Chinas most beautiful rivers and lakes, Fitch, a national 5A-class tourist attractions, is located in ZAOZHUANG Shandong Province and Rusu, Henan and Anhui provinces a
Taierzhuang city

    Taierzhuang city, a World Heritage - the center of the Grand Canal, the "China's most beautiful rivers and lakes," Fitch, a national 5A-class tourist attractions, is located in ZAOZHUANG Shandong Province and Rusu, Henan and Anhui provinces at the junction zone.

    Symbolic, historical monument, is carrying both a national spirit body Taierzhuang city canal culture, still retains a lot of relics, was hailed as "alive ancient canal", "the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal remaining heritage village" World Tourism Organization . Repair Taierzhuang city, is the dream of generations of Taierzhuang people.

    Ancient river, the ancient wharf, one can Vessels swaying, traveled the ancient Chinese city of Watertown, World War II Memorial City, mainland China's first cross-strait exchanges base.

    After repairs Taierzhuang city, and Warsaw belong to the world's only two fire destroyed due to World War II and rebuilt as a world heritage city.

    Jiangbei Water · canal city, has now become the new Zaozhuang city card.

taierzhuang city

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taierzhuang city

Taierzhuang Structure

    Taierzhuang city covers an area of two square kilometers, 11 functional areas, 8 and 29 major scenic spots. Eight architectural style blends, dozens of temples sink in one city, north and south blend of Chinese and Western, is a living fossil Canal Culture; have the last three kilometers of the Grand Canal last remaining ancient canal, known as the World Tourism Organization "alive Ancient Canal "; the city has 18 Wang Tong and 15 km of Water Street Roadway, can Vessels swaying, traveled throughout the city, is truly ancient Chinese Watertown. Meanwhile here is the State Council Taiwan Affairs approved the country's first cross-strait exchanges base, is an important platform for cross-strait exchanges.

Taierzhuang Geography

    Shandong Zaozhuang southernmost city is a veritable "Jiangbei Water", Zaozhuang average annual rainfall of about 1000 mm, most of the year were 1000 mm annual rainfall over the territory of 27 rivers, 157 lakes, the water network aspect. Within the canal navigable mileage 93.5 km, is the most northern tip of Grand Canal navigable. Zaozhuang has a national and even world-class tourism resources, but its most essential part of the most profound resources canal culture.

Taierzhuang Culture

    Taierzhuang ancient city saved 53 war relics. After the reconstruction Taierzhuang city and Warsaw became the world's only two fire destroyed due to World War II and rebuilt as a world heritage city.

    Taierzhuang city scenic spot in the cultural show, around the culture wars, the canal culture and Lunan regional culture, planning and construction of strokes Asahara museum, wine culture exhibition hall, exhibition hall canal memorials, museums and other blue-kei written word has the domestic first-class level, and gradually The entire old city to build a book "Encyclopedia"; in business conditions, mainly in the domestic high-end brands of bars, restaurants, pubs and canals and along the main display Shandong intangible cultural heritage; on the scenic operations management, called out "the first village" famous brand, build quality tourism quality, in accordance with national AAAAA level scenic standards for operational management.

    Taierzhuang city is a set of "canal culture" and "cultural war" as a city, financial "Qilu Hao Love" and "southern charm" as a domain, very humanistic attractive tourist destination, will be transported along the unique, world-renowned The tourist resort recreation area, a world cultural heritage jewel, a treasure.

Taierzhuang History

    Taierzhuang history is a business travel are extracted, residents Rao to canal city, which is formed in the Han, developed in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties flourished in, according to "Yicheng County," reads: "Taiwan (children) village across the canal drainage, when the north and south channels, business travel are extracted, residents Rao to large towns, the armor in a city, is the country towards the Emperor (Emperor Qianlong) gave to the world the first village '', showing a "merchant meandering, a river fishing boat, singing ten, Night does not strike "prosperity.

Taierzhuang city

    Ming Dynasty, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Xuzhou Section of Yellow River several times due to blockage of the north-south traffic disruption. So, had to spend a national "openlucky,"
Weishan Lake from the southeast section Hanzhuang exports via Taierzhuang south straight Pizhou. Because there Jia River add water, this canal because the name Jia Canal (commonly known as Hanzhuang canal). Jia Canal this segment compared to Xuzhou, only water flow to avoid the "Yellow wins Win" victims, but also shorten the journey and seventy. Thus, this canal has become clear during the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Shandong section of the main channel (Today, too). Thus, making the city the canal taierzhuang become Bangshui and the building, because the river Xing "drought dock."

    To the Qing dynasty, Taierzhuang has become a bustling town, when the urban population up to a maximum of 60,000 people. As an important commodity distribution center, water transport through the canal each year, Taierzhuang gathered a large number of Merchants, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian business, Guangdong providers, radiation Sulu Yu-wan region is a major commercial port city. Now remain within the city's ancient canal up to three kilometers of river and streets, docks and other ruins of the Ming and Qing period of prosperity, has been hailed as the Chinese and foreign experts, "the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal remaining heritage village." Taierzhuang has basically retained the ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties veins, ancient river, the ancient wharf, mostly low-lying buildings.

    Taierzhuang war occurred in the spring of 1938, so that the ancient city ruins. After World War II Taierzhuang victory, the national government in the "Central Daily News" announced plans to rebuild Taierzhuang city, but due to various reasons, eventually became elusive. After the founding of new China, Taierzhuang city area has been Taierzhuang regime Lan Ling County and the seat of the old neighborhoods of the old city remains a natural simplicity of the old backwardness and development reconstruction Taierzhuang city, became Taierzhuang dream of several generations. April 8, 2008, to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the victory in World War II taierzhuang activities, Zaozhuang City, announced, launched Taierzhuang city reconstruction.

    May 1, 2010 officially Kaesong, May 4 KMT Honorary Chairman Lien Chan of Taiwan to building the foundation for the revival of Taierzhuang city.

    May 12, 2011, Mr. Wu Boxiong Taiwan KMT Honorary Chairman Taierzhuang city to participate in the Opening ceremony, he said, to be able to participate in the Opening ceremony Taierzhuang city, I am deeply honored, and unforgettable. I have been to many places of interest in the world, but only came to feel that they are here only taierzhuang a member, feels warm. As a base for cross-strait exchanges to taierzhuang appropriate. We want it to play a greater role in cross-strait economic and cultural exchanges.

    June 19, 2011, when he was Comrade Li Changchun, Politburo Standing Committee, personally inspected Taierzhuang city, and spoke highly of the ancient city noted the construction of "big ideas, generous, very great, very shocked after reading", "stay a deep good impression. "

    September 16, 2012, when he was Comrade Hu Jintao, Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee Jia Qinglin, visit Taierzhuang city inspections, and spoke highly of. Emphasize rebuilding Taierzhuang city, in line with the global Chinese people's wish, for the promotion of cross-strait exchanges, enhance Taiwan compatriots on the Chinese and Chinese culture, identity,
significance; take Taierzhuang city protection, good management, the use of good, and play good effect.

    August 5, 2019, Taierzhuang city redevelopment project took four years to be fully completed.

Taierzhuang Ancient culture

Taierzhuang Canal Culture

    Situation Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has been inscribed on the World Heritage inscription is completely unnavigable canals north of Zaozhuang, most of the relics have disappeared, and even the river can not find; to the south along the Grand Canal in Zaozhuang city modernized urban renewal, has been unable to recover the Millennium Canal once style. So, Zaozhuang Taierzhuang will naturally become the only way to complete the original restore ancient canal city. Zaozhuang also been listed as World Heritage cities along the Grand Canal, one of 18 National Heritage Board.

    Taierzhuang city as "canal city" of the core area. Today taierzhuang also has a best embodies the characteristics of the Ming and Qing living along the canal ancient village "trackers village", the city still has a lot of ancient streets, ancient buildings. Retained relatively intact revetment, is water stone embankment, Watergate and other hydraulic remains on the canal. Known as the "living Canal", "the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal remaining heritage village."World Tourism Organization study concluded that, if want to see the Ming and Qing style intact ancient canal, only to Taierzhuang come.

    Taierzhuang region steeped in history, heritage and cultural era dawenkou Tunzhen Zealand city from Malan Village unearthed relics PI Zhaocun Yue Stone Town and Longshan culture era unearthed ruins of the city as well as drying rice Longshan culture era proved in Neolithic period, human beings have thrived here. Now Taierzhuang realm, summer belongs to Zeng country, business belongs to force Yang country, the Western Zhou Dynasty, Spring consequent.

Taierzhuang Remains of ancient city

    To historical displays, Taierzhuang set of eight architectural style in history, dozens of temples (Temple, Wenchang Pavilion, Taoist Goddess Temple Mount, Mazu Temple, mosques, Christian churches, the Catholic Church, etc.) in one, which is very in China rare. Taierzhuang in history is a city of water, "Wang" canal connected with the "Wang" door, very unique, is a hundred pieces Water Street, Roadway Roadway formed freely, to travel by boat ancient Watertown.

Taierzhuang Scenic Old Town

    Taierzhuang city as a cultural framework canal axis, designed the temple area, Simon tranquil area, trackers village area, "canal downtown" area, Itabashi - Flowers gatehouse area, Water Street commercial city area, Sultanahmet - Kowloon mouth area, wetlands Parks such as the eight scenic spots. Respectively, "nine water-Kymmene, Taiwan City old records, soil shade village temple Wang Fuyu, Willowbank lying rainbow, Cooper Mochizuki, Canal Market, Jay Club Limbo" and other ancient canal Eight, planning and construction of the Senate will be Department Taishan palace, Lan Ling College and other 29 spots.

Taierzhuang city

    The northern courtyard, Lunan houses, Huizhou architecture, Water building, Taiwanese architecture, European-style buildings, religious buildings, such as the eight Hakka architecture architectural style combine architectural style of the main building to the prosperity of Anhui street to European architecture for Lord T Street to Water-based Water Street building, Roadway, the main temple of Shanxi Merchants residential area.

Taiwan scenic city of old records

    Covers an area of 38,155 square meters, construction area of 30,295 square meters, accounting for about one-tenth of one of the core area of the ancient city. Senate will be the main department, Tin Hau Temple, Jade Science Museum, Taiwan Chuang Yi, Ri Sheng Chang Kee, Wenhui restaurants, Xie Yu big tea, Fufeng Hall, Tianshui hall, three Ke Tong, Lunan houses, Taiwanese houses, long and inn, waterfront shops and other different styles of Ming and Qing architecture.

Taierzhuang Alan gate area

    There are major tranquil island, Simon site, Taierzhuang historical and cultural museum, Watergate, Simon Bridge Taierzhuang temporary command post World War II, buyun bridge, Kwun Tong and back seat guanyintang other attractions.

Taierzhuang Temple Scenic Spot

    Wang main temple, the monk grave, Temple, World War Merits Square, Golden Dragon Temple, a small South Gate, County Department of latent vertical transportation Heritage Museum, Wang Dexing numbers and various ancient canal wharf and other attractions and hutian Court, casual dining establishments.

Taierzhuang Trackers Village area

    Kowloon Village area trackers main temple, arch, booming bridge, "trackers village" folk compound, Southern Mosque, the altar, the ancient gate, "soil Park" and other attractions, and a spa resort.

Taierzhuang North moat scenic

    In all types of wetland plants Jiangbei Water City Wetland Park featuring a total of nine connected to Wang Tong, and communicates with the moat. The main attractions are the Lotus Lake, water lilies Wang, Lu Huadang, Zhi Lanting, warbler Ozawa, Ryoka shop, water candle Beach, Tao Heung-taek and other characteristics of the wetland landscape and have Taohuawu, willow shore, apricot crossing, Metasequoia embankment , quasi-mentioned Court, cool Um, especially home port, the main entrance, Taishan palace and other onshore attractions and service area.

Flower gatehouse scenic

    A Itabashi Wang, Wang Tong took the gatehouse and other landscape features traditional leisure area, the main attractions are Itabashi, flowers gatehouse, Wan Water Bridge, Lan Ling College, Taierzhuang Water Culture Museum of Art, Lan Ling County site, World War II bomb traces point to visit the wall, took a small gatehouse even brake water markets and so on.

Taierzhuang Mosque scenic

    A mosque, Wang Tong traditional landscape and leisure commercial featuring scenic downtown, the main attractions are the mosque, Sanguanmiao, Quebec Wenge, Kowloon mouth Square, Ginger Fish Street Bridge Street and Commercial Street, two and a half Wang and drama Park, Bull Wang Yu home garden.

Scenic downtown canal

    A leisure and canal landscape style featuring scenic sightseeing, Tin Hau Temple and stage main square, the Plaza noisy operation, Hu Courtyard, Yu home dock, Taierzhuang Ruins Park gates, double lane pier, Princes Wharf, "Tarzan Church "school, Taierzhuang Grand Canal history and culture exhibition hall, and in the Church, German and Cheung, World War Ruins Park and other attractions.

Water scenic downtown

    A traditional shopping mall themed area, mainly Wan Courtyard, Courtyard Zhao, Wu ticket number, a new Ho Wang F Street and other commercial markets, Tin Hau Temple Pier, revival building, the small base Chau attractions.

Taierzhuang Ancient architecture

Taierzhuang Ancient arch

    Ancient arch for Taierzhuang "amphibious thoroughfare" arch, she witnessed the Taierzhuang former prosperity. This street is called Yamen Street, 1947, Kuomintang troops stationed here, the Yamen Street to prosperity Street, continue to be used after the founding of the street. When the reconstruction of the ancient city, restoring the old name Yamen Street.

Taierzhuang city

Taierzhuang Extreme bridge

    The bridge is on the old base original reconstruction of an old bridge, look for the name of the old bridge at the time, no one can recall, standing on the bridge can be seen around nine bridges, and bridge this article River, connecting five Water Street.

Taierzhuang Thean Hou Temple

    Thean Hou Temple is Our Lady of the Palace of days short, it beefing in Yongzheng, worship Poseidon Lin Mo. 1938, Tin Hau Temple was destroyed in World War II Taierzhuang war. Today the reconstructed temple, is the highest quality standards of a similar building in the Mainland in our country. The total construction area of 1508 square meters, for binary courtyard pattern. From the main hall, left wing, bell tower and other buildings constituted. The building, decorated with openwork gray plastic Erlongxizhu ridge lines stretch smooth, exquisite carvings, painted dyed, carved beams, magnificent.

Senate will be the Department of Museum

    Senate will Agency, commonly known as bureaucratic, started in Qing Emperor Kangxi two years (1683), the Qing Dynasty positive Mishina Senate will Administrative Office. Participation will be commanding 600 horses, is responsible for the jurisdiction of the canal project 220 Whalley protection and water transport security. January 1937, the national government in setting up branches in Shandong Yicheng County Police taierzhuang. Early 1938, as the deputy commander of the Third Army's arsenal Shen Honglie. In Taierzhuang war, these weapons have played a role. Now for the "reconstruction Taierzhuang city museum."

Taierzhuang Long and inns

    Long and inns white walls and black tiles, Anhui Matou out of the wall of the building. Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi three years (1691), built by merchants Hu Wenguang. Reconstruction after a long and inns, covering 2,415 square meters, construction area of 3554 square meters, used as a shortcut inn. Within the city there are many shops, houses of this style, witnessed merchants in taierzhuang entrepreneurial history.

Taierzhuang Guanghui Bridge

    Commonly known as "bridge", the Department of granite hole full ring stone arch bridge. Shunzhi five years (1648), by Zhao funded the construction, 11.5 meters long bridge, three meters high and spans 5.7 meters, 2.96 meters wide bridge. 1938 destroyed in the war, after the building was a simple stone bridge for people to walk, and now the stone arch bridge built on the site of the complex is built. This "Guanghui Bridge", which means "Meeting Plus merchants" means.

Taierzhuang Fufeng Church

    Fufeng Tong Jin is a typical school building, is the ancestral home built in Shanxi Fufeng Vanguard, Vanguard came after taierzhuang, with the prosperity of the canal water transport made a fortune and become one of Taierzhuang four people, then built the best known of Taierzhuang Courtyard Wan, Wan Courtyard reconstructed also be called a House hotels, accommodation, dining and meeting in one of the five star hotels. 

    Fufeng Church in the courtyard as the basic structure, using brick pillars style brick tiles, deep-storey homes, thick and wide base, compact design, carving elegant. There courtyard, through the courtyard, prejudiced sets of homes and other more than 60 houses, the whole building full of ancient China "climate, geography, and" philosophical and architectural ideas.

Taierzhuang Dual Lee Hall

    Taiwanese residential architectural style red brick architectural style is one of the eight scenic spots within Taierzhuang city, dual Lee Hall is a typical representative of the Taiwanese residential architecture. Dual Lee Hall's architectural style has three characteristics: First, the red brick and red tile, bright and assertive style; the second is the extensive use of stone, stone window from windows; three Taiwanese residential roof ridge to ridge or dovetail saddle ridge, are middle sag slightly at the ends of graceful curves, blending has Apprentice meaning. Taiwanese general miankuo three houses, known from the three, the central axis of the order of entrance hall, around the patio, main hall, front hall of their own room, patio around for corridor. If the five-bay house, the roof more out of two dovetail, if one small two pairs of wings to fly. In parts of China, houses rarely used dovetail eaves. The double benefit Taiwanese residential clubhouse presence Taierzhuang fully reflects the financial Nanhui North Taierzhuang culture.

The ancient city of Honor

    December 17, 2009, after the approval of the Central Taiwan Affairs Office, set up base in the continent's first cross-strait exchanges in Taierzhuang city, and held the Inaugural ceremony.

    October 23, 2010, Taierzhuang city won the 2010 China Tour Shandong points standings Billboard "Top Ten area," top honors.

    November 18, 2010, at the First China Taierzhuang city recreation Innovation Awards, and won the "Innovation Award tourist attractions and leisure, tourism planning and design innovation award" two awards.

    January 13, 2011, by the Qilu Evening News, Provincial Tourism Bureau, "Qilu cultural landmark" contest Qilu Culture Research Center jointly sponsored announced, comprehensive popular vote and voting experts, Taierzhuang city and other 10 projects, and ultimately honored. " Ten Qilu cultural landmark "list.

    August 3, 2011, Taierzhuang city nominated "China's top ten most promising city" list.

    September 10, 2011, the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Exposition settled Taierzhuang city.

    December 28, 2011, Taierzhuang city was listed as the country's first National Heritage Park National Heritage Board.

    June 24, 2012, the Fourth China International Copyright Expo Organizing Committee (CICE) good news came from Beijing, Taierzhuang city was awarded the "CICE Jin Hui Award" Top Ten Award copyright famous enterprises.

    August 6, 2012, the State Copyright Bureau decided in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, the construction of the National Copyright Taierzhuang trade base.

    November 22, 2012, the national tourism scenic quality rating committee formally approved, Taierzhuang city became the national 5A-class tourist attractions.

    December 1, 2012, "2012 China Travel Billboard Shandong points standings," announced, Taierzhuang city was awarded the "Shandong Top Ten Scenic Spots" honorary title.

    December 7, 2012, Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, the Minister of Culture Cai Wu, Minister of Provincial Publicity Sun Shougang together for the national cultural industry test Taierzhuang city park inaugurated.

    May 15, 2019, Taierzhuang city was approved by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Chinese education base.

Taierzhuang city

    May 2019, Taierzhuang city by the US Cable News Network (CNN) as "China's most beautiful four major rivers and lakes," while elected there Hongcun, Zhouzhuang in Jiangsu, Guangxi Huang Yao and other places. CNN recommended Taierzhuang elected as "China's most beautiful rivers and lakes," the reason is: "Taierzhuang is the site of key battles in World War II attraction in China Shandong Taierzhuang preserved Ming and Qing Dynasty classical building, although small in size, but Taierzhuang. has many traditional temples, waterways and museums, every Friday and Saturday has a traditional shadow puppet performances and campfire. taierzhuang among Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, starting from the capital Beijing to the two square kilometers of the town, you can have a wonderful Travel. "

Taierzhuang Reconstruction Course

Taierzhuang Settled

    Canal and the Great Wall with one of the world's four ancient works, the Great Wall as early as 1987 on the "World Heritage List", the canal was sleeping too long. May 22, 2006 to 24, Zaozhuang municipal government attended the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Protection and World Heritage Workshop held in Hangzhou, the delegation members and along the canal six provinces (municipalities) on behalf of 18 of the city, at the meeting by the "Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Hangzhou Declaration on the Protection and the inscription," marks the canal inscription started. This Zaozhuang tourism and economic and cultural development, no doubt, a great opportunity to usher in a golden.

    Taierzhuang city planning area of 2 square kilometers, including 11 function zoning, 8 and 29 major scenic spots, according to locate "war haunt, the canal city, Jiangbei Water, lifestyle," and follow the "stay the ancient, retro, Billancourt, with Ancient "concept, the preserved ruins of World War II, the ancient city walls, the ancient wharf, ancient houses, ancient streets, ancient commercial port, ancient temples, ancient hall and other historical heritage scientifically repair. It sets the "canal culture" and "cultural war" as a city, financial "Qilu Hao Love" and "southern charm" as a field, is a very attractive tourist destination humanities, is unique along the Grand Canal, the world's leading tourism and leisure resort. Taierzhuang city of Zaozhuang City, Jiangbei Water City to build the brand, the development of tourism has added the most beautiful sights and the gold industry leader.

Taierzhuang Mining rescue

    Taierzhuang city rescue excavation work, mainly around the canal culture, war culture and tourism resources survey finishing in full swing. City Department of Cultural Affairs, City Bureau of Cultural Relics, Taierzhuang responsible for cultural information collection; Taierzhuang District Office City Tourism Bureau, the city services,; Municipal Construction Committee, Taierzhuang responsible for building objects, trees, arches, bridges, brick, quartzite collection responsible for meals, lodging, travel and entertainment footage collection.

    Taierzhuang zone set up to protect the ancient city of rescue agencies, to carry out preparatory work material collected. First Call research books. From the Civil Affairs Bureau, Bureau of Water Resources, History Office, Department of Cultural Affairs and other departments and residents hands, this collection of more than 200 kinds of books, including "Annals of Shandong", "peace-for-yu mind," "continue, Shandong Archaeological whole record" and "Yicheng County", which are precious books. For valuable materials to be finishing, research, research, forming material.

    Second, remember to visit the elderly. Visited a number of elderly people over 80 years taierzhuang 40, tracking visited swallow, especially, Zhao, Wan Chen, Yuan, Wang, Luo, Yu and other family, a preliminary understanding of a few large family firms, docks, family, and the rise and fall time The living conditions, the formation of a thousand words interview material. Ancient wharf, ancient temples, ancient shops, old culverts, trees, war ruins have detailed knowledge of the former Taierzhuang war, before the Cultural Revolution have a preliminary understanding of the economic and social situation, organize the formation of a composite material of more than 50,000 words, Taierzhuang map drawn in 1938.

    Third, finishing excavation war culture. Canal pontoon, the main entrance, the train station, mosque, temple and other war relics photographed study systematically organize text, for war relief design ideas were proposed restoration, development and construction proposals.

    Fourth, around food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping, entertainment, etc., along the canal earnestly Cuisines investigation. The survey found that there Cuisines Taierzhuang Zhang dog, Ma beef, donkey Feng, Zhao chicken, yellow beef noodles, Laobie soup, spicy chicken, mutton soup, grits, pancakes and other dishes, learn the main practice processes. And gradually extend, through the Internet, view information and other forms of investigation learned in Zaozhuang, Lunan and canals along the city's cuisines, snacks, finishing classification, mining organize a variety of snacks, Cuisines nearly a thousand species, forming a 300 I photographs, 60,000 characters of information.

    Remains of ancient buildings through surveys, collect old photographs, interviews with the elderly, household surveys and other forms of ancient streets, docks, revetment, construction and other made-depth survey of existing historical sites, old buildings all photographs, classification preservation, comprehensive find out the European architecture, Huizhou architecture, north building, Jiangsu and Zhejiang building, Shanxi and Shaanxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian and other eight categories of architectural styles, and forming system photos and text information.    Emphasis on Taishan Palace, Wenchang Pavilion, the new temple, Sanguanmiao, pavilion, large Temple, Dragon King Temple, Lu Temple, an old temple, fire temples, quasi-mentioned Court, Tianqi Dongyue Temple, tiefosi Cang Temple, Eighteen temple, mosque north and south, gaomiao, eight wax Temple, Temple and other temples in Kowloon to investigate in detail the position of master to determine the building, architectural style, architecture, building layout, drawing some of the floor plans.

Taierzhuang city

    On the basis of investigation and study on the proposed development and construction of the ancient canal proposal planning, design. Take reading summaries, Internet gather, live shooting, home collection and other forms of collecting and collating Water Street Roadway, ancient streets, ancient houses, bridges, boats, arch, ancient lamps and other types of ancient construction of more than 500 pieces of reference pictures, More than two million words of text data, drawing, collecting and collating the ancient city of more than 20 parts of water systems, land use, demolition, electricity, heating, water and other related drawings, and were published, bound, to restore the building to provide evidence for the ancient city of canals and reference.

Taierzhuang Traffic Information

Taierzhuang Aviation

    Zaozhuang perimeter from near and far have Linyi airport, Xuzhou Guanyin Airport, Lianyungang Donghai airport, Ji Ning Jiaxiang Airport, Jinan International Airport, Qingdao International Airport, and the distance Taierzhuang city is respectively 120 km, 110 km, 130 km, 180 km, 280 km, 390 km.

Taierzhuang High Speed Rail

    Take the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing, Shanghai to Zaozhuang the opening time of only 2.5 hours; Changsha, Wuhan, Qingdao, Zaozhuang were six hours, four hours, four hours.

Taierzhuang Train

    There Zaozhuang Zaozhuang and around the train station, Tengzhou Station, Xuzhou Railway Station, Pizhou railway station, Linyi Railway Station, the distance Taierzhuang city is respectively 70 km, 100 km, 73 km, 48 km, 90 km.

BRT Bus Rapid Transit

    Zaozhuang ride high-speed rail station B10 BRT Bus Rapid Transit line (stroke 80 minutes or so) Direct Taierzhuang city.

    Zaozhuang West Station, take the B1 line, the end of the eastern outskirts of the passenger sitting in the center B2 (travel 50 minutes or so) Direct Taierzhuang city.

Taierzhuang Traveling by car

    Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway going north (or south), in Zaozhuang under paragraph (Hanzhuang / Taierzhuang) exit, go straight east, go green tourism (travel 25 kilometers or so), direct Taierzhuang city. Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway going north (or south), to the next Zaozhuang (Linyi tangzhuang) exports go Zaozhuang bus station, and then passing along State Road 206 acres Liuyuan, then up Taierzhuang city. Provisional date speed eastbound (or westbound) at (Taierzhuang) exit, head south and take the dates station line (15 km trip around), direct Taierzhuang city.

Taierzhuang Climate Information

    Taierzhuang city is located in the temperate continental monsoon climate zone, belonging transition zone between subtropical and temperate climates.
One notable feature is a big adjustment and the influence of the sea, with four distinct seasons. 

    Spring is generally from March 24 to May 19, which lasted two months or so, with the temperature rose quickly, less rainfall, windy, strong evaporation and other characteristics; summer from May 20 to September 18, which lasted four months or so, with hot and humid, higher temperatures and heavy rain; autumn from September 19 to November 10, which lasted two months, with less rainfall, the temperature dropped, the weather is cool, ample sunshine, occasionally hot weather or that there is continuous rain; winter from November 11 to March 23 the following year, with the cold and dry, northwest wind, rain and snow scarce and so on.

    Years average temperature 14 ℃, the lowest annual average temperature of 8.2 ℃, the highest annual average temperature of 19.5 ℃. Climate is really moderate.

Taierzhuang city

    From the seasonal distribution of precipitation Look, annual precipitation in January and December least up to 7-8 months. Seasonal precipitation by summer, autumn, spring and winter descending order. Under normal circumstances, relatively dry spring, summer waterlogged. Affected by monsoon winds and geographical environment is obvious, for many years the dominant easterly and northeasterly winds; scraping northerly winds in winter, from December to next February scraping northwest or northeast wind; summer scraping southerly wind, the annual 3-11 May scraping southeast wind or southwest wind; the annual average wind speed of 2.3 m / sec.

Taierzhuang Nearby Resources

    "One City Liuhua rain, ten thousand ares lotus incense" is a true portrayal of Zaozhuang tourism.

    Zaozhuang has rich tourism resources, has the world's largest cultivated area, known as "the world crown Liuyuan," said Liu Yicheng crown World Scenic Park, was acclaimed as a world class domestic and foreign tourists, "agricultural heritage";

    Has Tianxiadiyi Gushan - Bao Dugu, as a typical "Dai Gushan" landforms;

    China has the longest earthquake Great Rift Valley - Xiong'ershan Ssangyong Great Rift Valley, Rift wonders earthquake earthquake estate experts hailed as a miracle address in the "miracle";

    China has the largest and most beautiful lakes national class wetlands - Weishan Lake Wetland, an area of 63 square kilometers;

    Has the most typical representative of Canal Culture - Taierzhuang city. Taierzhuang War Memorial, the National Railway guerrillas was listed as the key support of 100 red boutique area. Hundreds of kilometers of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, numerous rivers, ponds, lakes and reservoirs constitute Zaozhuang unique "Jiangbei Water" style.

    Relying on the humanities, natural resources, Zaozhuang tourism has basically formed Bao Dugu, Xiong'ershan, world crown Liuyuan, Weishan Lake Wetland Tourism products represented to Ying Thai Spa Resort, Hanno wineries represented leisure products. In Tengzhou "Six Pavilion tower", Kuangheng Temple, City Museum, as the representative of the cultural tourism products.

    November 20, 2012, Taierzhuang city won a national 5A scenic spots. 5A scenic spot is the third province to declare the only approved. 2012 years ago the province six other national 5A scenic spots are: Taian Taishan scenic city of Jining Qufu Ming City, Old City (three holes) tourist area, Penglai Pavilion tourist area of Yantai, Weihai Liugong Island resorts, Yantai Longkou Nanshan scenic area Qingdao Laoshan Scenic Area.

Taierzhuang Taierzhuang War

    Taierzhuang victory, also known as the Battle of Taierzhuang, Taierzhuang battle and bloody Taierzhuang. The nation overall victory since the war, following the victory Pingxingguan other battles, Chinese people have achieved another great victory. Inspired the whole nation's morale, destroy the prestige of the Japanese invaders. Eliminated a lot of effectives Japanese. There are also tens of thousands of Chinese heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives for their country. Campaign directed by national hero Li Tsung-jen, Sun Lianzhong, Zhang Zhizhong, WU Dehou, Tian Zhennan, Guan Linzheng pool - City, Wang Ming Zhang and other Japanese star FireWire. Movie "bloody Taierzhuang" fully reflects the total resistance of the Chinese army. There patriotism education base - "Taierzhuang War Memorial" and the battlefield site can be visited, pay tribute.

Taierzhuang War Memorial

    Taierzhuang War Memorial area of 34,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 6000 square meters. There are three exhibition galleries, the building area of 1,400 square meters, the museum displays when the two sides battle taierzhuang information thousand pieces of cultural relics, paintings and museum collection of the war the soldiers and relatives as well as famous painting, calligraphy and paintings nearly politicians pieces. Memorial melt the entire exhibition hall, museum painting, film museum, Panorama Museum as a whole, imposing, solemn.

    Hall three eighteen steps mean 1938 occurred in Japan shocked the world Taierzhuang war; twenty-four white columns supporting the ceiling, a symbol of the Chinese nation in the top site, always among the nations; Memorial Hall name inscribed by the famous calligrapher Qi Gong; stands in front of the main building Taierzhuang War Memorial, the monument were former Defense Minister Zhang Aiping wrote the inscription by the author NPC Vice Chairman Cheng Siyuan, a famous calligrapher right Xijun writing.

Taierzhuang War Memorial

    2019 is the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Taierzhuang, from April 7 to commemorate the victory of the war began to hold sculpture exhibition on the theme "Heroes Taierzhuang" in Shandong Taierzhuang War Memorial. The exhibition of monumental sculpture in total exhibited 75 works of art, creative background are derived from each pair of works Taierzhuang battle. Whether the event is a battle for the inspiration, but also as a theme or a prototype based on the character, the spirit of creative works trace the history and future of remembrance and praise the spirit of sacrifice in World War II and the war in Taierzhuang martyrs.

Attractions Level: AAAA

Ticket prices: Free admission to carry identity cards (memorial patriotism education base);

For the crowd: families, individuals, couples, companies, friends, children, the elderly, white-collar workers, business;

Best time: all year round;

Travel way: tourist buses, trains, boats, planes

Scenic Type: history, culture, patriotism education base, cross-strait exchanges base.

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